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This is a bit about my story up until now. I’ll write a bit what happened this past year and what I’m doing to reach my dreams!

Last year was busy year for me in my studies of Japanese language. I had to increase it a lot to be able to come closer to my dream. About half a year ago I applied to Tokyo Design Technology Center which came with a lot of problems in the application process. Went through with paperwork that almost made me give up, but I didn’t. 4 months back maybe, I got accepted to enter this school. I was really happy because it was I got into something I’ve dreamed about for years. So it wasn’t over yet, the whole process of being able to study there. I realized that I still had problem with getting a scholarship/student loan that I need to pay to the school. This wasn’t easy as it was a lot to go through and I was about to run out of time.. had to get renewal of my visa in time and a few documents from school that can tell what I’m going to study exactly. Having a planned trip back to Sweden at just that time as well didn’t make it easier. Anyway, in the end.. somehow.. it all worked out just fine and I’m now proud to be a student at Tokyo Design Technology Center.

It’s been two weeks since I entrance ceremony at the school. Which was really amazing, met people who have been working with a few super famous people like Micheal Jackson and Elvis Presley. This entrance ceremony event was not only for my school. It’s actually a kind of college group set to work together. So there was about 1000 freshmen students. Sounds a lot but it was alright since we were at Tokyo International Forum. The auditorium was huge! They played an orchestra for 20 minutes with Titanic songs and they invited a Japanese Pop-star for a small concert as well.

I’m really excited to be here right now at this school, ever since(years of 8/10) I knew games and movies were created by actual people and not god or anything like it just pop up in this world to just be here. My major is IT Design and I’m currently studying 3DCG. During this two weeks it feels like I have learned a lot, using Autodesk Maya and other software’s that we study. A few of them I have already learned how to use but it’s good to get reminders of where to find tools and hot keys.
The teachers and students have been really nice to me. Every morning when I enter the school I get greeted by the teacher staff at the entrance. It makes me smile and stay happy during the day! I like my class a lot, except for a few classmates that is already being lazy… Or maybe, something is wrong with me because I just love studying this so much that I stay at school after class every day to keep up a good learning speed.

Anyway, I’d like to hear from all of my readers that are still here. I’m really sorry that I was inactive here, but I had no choice… I’d like to continue to post here whenever I have any projects that I like to show. Could be a part of a documentation in a project where I show the process of how it is going and a few photos or videos. Also want to post about events happening around my life, school and Japan of course! Things that happens around me.


Tech.C (My schools homepage, if you are interested. Please have a look!)

Tech.C (English website!)

Youtube Channel (This is what I’m going to use when I have some of my projects to show in video form)

Vimeo (This I won’t be using that much, but when it comes to my portfolio and demo reels, vimeo is what I’m going to use)


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Modelling and my assistance!

Today I thought wanted to take some photos of myself. Which I can’t do alone of course, my friend Antarius came along with me to Sakuragicho after school. It was windy and it messed up my hair… some photos worked out pretty well anyway. Did some filter editing later when I got home. I’m happy about these three below here.

If I got the chance I would like to take more photos on myself with help of my friends, which is probably going to happen. But I would also like to take photos on other people too, preferably people with cool style and good fashion! Anyone can do I think. 🙂

Tried a dark grungy filter on this photo below here. Didn’t want to work to much on it, besides it takes a lot of time. I don’t have that at the moment.. 😦

Click on the photos to enlarge them!

Here is my friend, Antarius. Have a look at his blog or tumblr! He is currently a Japanese Language student at the same school I go to!

Instead of changing anything in a photo editing program I used the sepia filter directly on my fujifilm x100 camera. 

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Kiel Morgan Photography

Two photos my friend Kiel Morgan toke on earlier this year. You can go to his website here http://trianglebeatssquare.tumblr.com/

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Felt like using sepia filter setting on my x100. This photo and my previous photo on Harajuku station. 

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Harajuku station

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Mom and Magnus

At Sky bar Landmark tower, 69th floor.

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